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Triangle Sentry is a company committed to excellence in both service and action in order to provide unparalleled security that will safeguard the lives and assets of our global clients and diplomats. 

Who We Are


We are strategically headquartered in North Carolina, one of the friendliest military States in the Union. Home to a large density of current and former Special Forces members.


With challenges and opportunities across the globe, our reach has no borders. Solutions are customized to each unique requirement.

Management Team

Our management team consists of a unique individuals from the United States Special Operations Forces, Department of Energy, American Society of Canine Trainers (ASCT), International Tech Rescue Symposium (ITRS), George Mason and Stanford Universities. 

We incorporate a team of subject matter experts in military and special operations, canine tactics including PSD canine operations, tactical insertion and extraction methods, canine search and rescue, canine behavior and neuroscience, tactical canine critical care, EOD methods and procedures, and over 50 years of combined handler experience.

Triangle Sentry has developed multiple deployment techniques and urban tactics using the canine as a highly effective and necessary team member. All combining into a strategy we call the -

Triangle Sentry Force-Multiplier



Providing superior security, actions on the objective, maritime protection, executive protection and personal security details. This is accomplished by way of a unique solution, “Triangle Sentry Force-Multiplier”, a tactical advantage over other companies in this space in training, strategy and effectiveness. We do this by combining Triangle Sentry trained Special Operations Forces Multi-Purpose Canines (SOF MPCs), in combination with hardware and facilities to consistently accomplish the goals set out by our clients.

Our Operators are drawn from backgrounds such as Naval Special Warfare, Special Operations Forces, consummate private contracting companies and top government agencies around the world.