International Services

Triangle Sentry is committed to providing a customized security solution based in clients specific requirements for all environments, while safely reducing the number of operators on the ground. We seek to eradicate and deter any threat on any physical security front, allowing clients to minimize disruptions, loss of capital investments and loss of revenue due to political unrest and insurgency, and local terrorism. Our Solution – 


Through the use of Special Operation Forces with Multi-Purpose Canine (SOF MPCs) and elite, dedicated handlers to create the "Triangle Sentry Force-Multiplier" (TSFM) strategy, unique to the security industry. Specifically trained for every mission requirement, each team of master and canine remain together in the field and on leave – a key to unparalleled mission success and unique to Triangle Sentry.

 ·       Provide unparalleled security through use of Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators only
·       Decrease total number of security personnel, while increasing security level by use of canines
·       Decrease financial loss and financial burden on company and affiliates

       The Triangle Sentry Difference - 

Maintaining an elite team of highly trained SOF operators that only fall under Tier 1 or Tier 2 guidelines     Trained or refreshed in; Small Unit Tactics, Hostage Rescue Operations, Coxswain School, Advanced Weapons, Advanced Driving Course, Counter-Surveillance Techniques, and Paramedic School.   Dedicated canine Handler and Operator teams on every mission in any environment. Each team consists of a Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader, Medic, Canine, Canine Handler, and Operator Team Members. All canines are qualified Special Operations Multi-Purpose, capable of drug or explosives and human detection, protection and tracking. Their unique training allows the canine to assist in any and all environments and allows each team to have fewer personnel assigned to each mission as each canine acts as a force-multiplier under all standard operating procedures and mission parameters.

Canines in use are Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, and English Labrador 

A number of risks involved with organized or unorganized terrorist groups are bombings, sabotage, abduction and ransom and senseless murder. Triangle Sentry strives to drastically reduce these risks through the use of SOF MPCs that are capable of proactive explosive and stowaway detection, close protection and tracking, and through use of military grade boats to include the ORCA (Offshore Raiding Craft), the SOCR (Special Operations Craft – Riverine), the RCB (Riverine Command Boat), and the APC (Avenger Patrol Craft). 

Combining this superior craft strategy with our unique operator and canine model, Triangle Sentry delivers a superior level of security and stability. The visible threat of violence, and shock and awe principles brought on by these Triangle Sentry assets offer a strong deterrent, and limit risk of capture and failure to remarkably low levels.

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